the T-Fit Challenge


How does it work?


Each client is taken through a fitness assessment to evaluate health history, body composition, and current fitness level. These assessments measure health risk by comparing research driven statistical data. It is a key tool in educating the trainer on the physical needs of each client. Physical fitness assessment data shows the trainer possible structural and physiological limitations that each client might possess. This process is imperative for program design and prescription. The trainer can use the science of biomechanics and physiology to put together a safe and effective exercise and wellness routine.


With the information gathered through initial assessments, the trainer constructs a group exercise program with the exercise science rule of progression in mind. This can be achieved by starting each client at their own fitness level, and coaching them on acquiring the strength, endurance, and health necessary to progress over time.


Sarah is a trained, educated and experienced exercise physiologist. She has been a professional fitness trainer for 18 years, has worked with over 500 clients and taken over 100 of them through this unique program. Her experience training large groups with diverse physical fitness levels and limitations has produced her mastery of exercise modification.

Group Size

THIS IS NOT A CLASS. The T-Fit Challenge is a program devised of 3 group personal training sessions per week. Each session has a maximum occupancy of 10 clients. The small group size is intended to maintain a personal experience for each client. Each workout session is prepared in advance with the clients’ needs in mind. The trainer pays close attention to exercise quality through form assessment of each client as they complete the session.


Clients are provided with nutrition guidance throughout the entire program. Nutrition suggestions are made based upon the the individual clients body composition and activity level throughout the program.


Each week, clients will be provided with an extensive health promotion newsletter. The newsletter is intended as a motivational tool to assist clients on being and feeling their best selves. Publications will contain a combination of science and experience based information and advice that clients can utilize in their own journey toward health and wellness.

The App

Each client will have access to a customized application that can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or phone. This app will contain the client information including: Name, measurements, physical activity recommendations, workout schedules, nutrition suggestions, direct trainer messaging tools, food logs, and much more. This is a useful tool for clients to keep on schedule, see their program, and track their results.

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