Hormone Balance

Hormones are regulatory substances or molecules that are released by glands within the body.  These molecules are released by the glands, transported through the circulatory system, and utilized for adequate physiological function, behavior management, and mood control.

Hormone levels fluctuate on a delicate pendulum within each individual body.   Often times, inadequate hormone balance can contribute to decreased function and increases in negative feelings and perceptions.  Factors such as diet, age, and even exercise level can have a strong impact on how the body regulates hormone levels.  Studies show that both cardiovascular and resistance training have the potential to enhance hormone balance in both male and female participants.

Actively working to balance hormone levels can be beneficial for individuals at all stages of life.  From preparing for puberty during youth, to preparing and maintaining before and after menopause, hormones are constantly fluctuating and in need for maintenance and balance. 

Tonicity Fit personal trainers work diligently to create new and innovative ways for clients to speed metabolism and enhance hormone balance.  Through meticulous cardiovascular and resistance training prescription, the goal is to stimulate mood enhancing hormones and balance estrogen and testosterone to potentially reduce the effects of aging. 

Additional benefits of hormone control with exercise include the balance of the appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin.  Studies show that exercise among men and women has different but distinct effects on these appetite hormones.  At Tonicity Fit, we understand the science behind these energy regulating hormones, and can assist clients in the control of these hormones to regulate hunger, and in turn, manage levels of body composition.