The goal at Tonicity Fit is to tap into each client’s individual needs and assist them in achieving  their happiest and healthiest selves.


Fitness Assessment

Before beginning an exercise program, it is important to know why you are starting and where you want to go.  It is difficult to reach goals without knowing which plan will most efficiently and effectively reach them.  At Tonicity Fit, we think that it is imperative to focus on the individual person in order to assist our clients in reaching and maintaining their optimal level of fitness and wellness.  Fitness assessments are powerful ways that client and trainer can learn about one another and form the relationships necessary to achieve success.

All new memberships include a free initial fitness assessment with one of our educated exercise physiologists.  Assessments will begin with a one-on-one meeting between the client and the trainer.  After the trainer and client learn about one another, the evaluation will continue with physical fitness tests to record the client’s current level of fitness.  Evaluations will include assessment of body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility status.  This is an important time where clients can develop and discuss personal goals with their exercise specialist. 

After the initial assessment, exercise specialists will incorporate re-assessment sessions throughout the client’s program.  Re-assessment is an additional tool that can be used to track progress and serve as motivation as each client improves.  Re-assessment can also help the client and trainer see where adjustments need to be made in the program, as goals can change throughout the process.

Private One-on-One Training

Private personal training sessions are for client's who want or need a one-on-one training experience.  Each 50 minute session will be constructed exclusively for the individual client.  Trainers will take into account the fitness level, goals, and exercise experience that each client possesses.  Sessions will be strategically formulated to assist clients in improving and maintaining their optimal level of health and wellness.  Fitness assessments will be completed on a regular basis, making sure that the client remains motivated, and the exercise specialist keeps up with servicing the client's specific personal goals.

One-on-one sessions are a great choice for any client.  This session type is especially recommended for clients who are suffering from metabolic disorders, heart disease, recovery from surgery, and other health issues.  They are also good for sport specific exercise training, as the trainer and client can work exclusively on the sport related goals of the athlete.



Semi-Private Group Training

Semi-private group sessions are designed to motivate, empower, and transform through energy levels that are created in numbers.  Small group training is for the client who wants their fitness and wellness journey to be a team effort.  Clients will be placed into groups of no more than 10 team members.  Exercise specialists will strategically formulate 50 minute workout programs to suit the fitness needs of each participant.  Through both partner and individual focused activities, clients will have the opportunity to sculpt and achieve their goals with accountability and the power of group encouragement.

Why group training?

1.  FLEXIBILITY - Group training is schedule friendly.  Members can schedule sessions from their own computer or handheld device.

2.  COST EFFECTIVE - Small group sessions make training more affordable, as each team member is collectively contributing to the cost of each session.

3.  ACCOUNTABILITY - At Tonicity Fit, each member is part of an elite TEAM.  Team members have the ability to work together and hold one another accountable for reaching their goals.  Have a friend who you enjoy working out with?  It is easy to schedule your sessions together through our customized member app.


Nutritional Consultation

At Tonicity Fit, we understand that nutritional needs are unique to each member.  Members have the option to work with an exercise specialist to formulate a plan that works for their own individual needs.  The Exercise Specialist will meet with team members and evaluate their current nurtitional routine and work diligently to assist the client in making the necessary changes to meet their goals.  Clients will learn what proper nutrition mean in their own lives, and they will leave the program understanding why and how to make healthy choices an every day way of life.