“When I reached 200 lbs, that was it. I knew I had to lose weight. I had also begun to notice that just going up a flight of stairs was tiring! I knew just changing my diet would not be enough to achieve my goals: Lose weight and feel healthier.

Sarah developed a workout program for me to use in addition to my change in diet. I have lost 50 lbs and no, it was not easy, but it has been worth the effort. I went down 5 sizes (from size 20 to size 10), and I definitely do not tire going up 1 flight of stairs. I look and feel much better than I had. Sarah has changed my workout program a couple of times as needed to continue on my path to being a healthier me!”
— Doris

Sarah has inspired me to balance my life by adding strength training and nutrition coaching to my daily routine. Sarah is the quintessential professional and takes the time to understand the person. Sarah is impactful in many ways, and her smarts in physiology and research lend to a feeling of safety while I’m in her gym. Sarah provides a very challenging work out. I am seeing great results!
— Jeannie

- Andrew Benham, Eastern University, Kinesiology

I am your typical 40-something year old professional. I want to live healthy, but sometime the pressures of life get in the way with my goal to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. I started working with Sarah about 3 years ago, and because of her, I have been able to change my life (cliché, but true!).

My regular time with Sarah helps me to stay focused. Committing to her means that I have to schedule my work out times regularly, even when life gets hectic. I see the results of the commitment. Exercising gives me more energy and helps me to sleep at night. I am grateful that I have signed up; it forces me to make exercise a priority.

Sarah helps me to exceed my goals, she teaches me to use the equipment safely, and is trustworthy and professional.

I thought I knew a bit about lifting weights, but I have learned better ways to lift. Watching Sarah and through her coaching, I have learned to lift safely. I particularly appreciate it, not even so much because of the injury as much as the recovery time! Lifting weights safely has helped me to build muscle without injury.

Finally, I’ve learned that having a coach means developing a trusting relationship. I trust Sarah and am able to tell her when I’ve hit bumps with my motivation. She provides me with excellent coaching so that I am able to accomplish my goals.

As I look back on the past three years, I am a healthier, stronger person because of Sarah. Every moment I’ve worked with her has come back to me three-fold.
— Julie

Being a fitness instructor your students are always looking to you to be in your best shape possible.  In order to do that, cross training is a necessity.  Sarah used a mixture of Pilates techniques to really fine tune to what my body needed.  Her background in physical therapy helped her to know what techniques would and would not work for me.  Sarah herself is in phenomenal shape, so I knew what she was teaching me she was also practicing herself.  She is the ultimate professional and I would recommend her, and have, to anyone who wants to look their best.
— Beth Sanchez, Zumba Instructor, Piloxing Instructor

Sarah is an amazing, personable and intelligent exercise specialist. Her new fitness studio Tonicity offers the very best in expert group and one-on-one personal training. I have known and worked with Sarah since she began her professional fitness journey many years ago. As a gym owner and personal trainer she is a human dynamo, and fuses graduate level education and knowledge, with thousands of hours of hands on, real world teaching and training experience.
— Thomas

At 70 years of age I have frequented numerous health clubs and fitness centers for a variety of reasons to improve my health and assist me with my physical ailments. More so now due to my age and health issues that are a part of my life presently. Many years I served as a private certified home health nurse. I worked with a patient who was in a comma after suffering a severe closed head injury. In that capacity I worked closely with my patient and a team of health professionals at the Hershey Medical Center with the goal of total rehabilitation of all bodily functions. Because of our holistic approach, our patient is now living an independent and productive lifestyle. I find few (Wellness / Fitness) centers like “Tonicity Fit”, that take this comprehensive approach by first looking at you the person, factoring in your complete health history to date, your goals, and scheduling and then completes a comprehensive assessment and structures your personal plan and approach based on your particulars. Then provides you with professional personal assistance with a licensed and qualified trainer through each stage of your specific custom fitness plan. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend “Tonicity Fit” to anyone looking to make meaningful and lasting health changes, improve their physical appearance and relax their stressful concerns while feeling better.
— Donald

Sarah is very attentive to what your individual goals are. She wants you to be successful. She encourages and guides you in reaching your goals. All of her experience and extensive knowledge in many areas of fitness help her tailor a program that is made just for you.
— Melissa

Tonicity Fit is a Fantastic place to accomplish all your health and fitness needs! Sarah and her staff will set you up with a full fitness assessment to see where your current statistics are and set up a fitness action plan to get you where you want to be. All you have to do is follow it.
I have known Sarah for many years and I can tell you that she is a great personal trainer, coach motivator and gym owner. We have trained together and have worked together in a personal training facility and I’m confident she and her personal training team and fitness staff will make you very happy and feel great!! Come on in and give Tonicity Fit a try, I know you won’t regret it! Great gym and great trainers!
— Jeff