About Tina, Front desk administrator.

accountability coach

Tina Wilkinson Duffy Tonicity Fit Accountability Coach

 Tina is a committed fitness enthusiast who came into this lifestyle later in life. She loves the mindset of healthy aging and strive to encourage others to understand the benefits. Tina’s love in fitness is strength training. She believes that there is something to be said for form and function and how when pairing the two, aging doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

corporate america

As a young adult, Tina was part of Corporate America, working her way through the ranks of Customer Service all the way to Director of Operations. She particularly excelled at organization, determination and the implementation of change.

Commitment and Support

Tina is also a busy parent to three children, and is committed to putting them first in her life. Tina knows first-hand the grit it takes to remain healthy both physically and mentally, and strives to help others achieve health and wellness while also committing to real life. Tina believes that taking the first step to achieving health and wellness will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to your family!